MODEP Update: List of Plugins?


Got the email about the major MODEP update. Apparently, 294 plugins are available, which sounds pretty close to the full MOD DUO distro. Does it mean the team tweaked the UIs and solved other issues? If so, that’s really cool. Can’t wait to try it.


You can check the complete plugin list here: :wink:


Thanks. Did end up in the plugins library. Interesting to notice that many other plugins can work in MODEP (though they may need UI tweaking). One of my favourites is TAL Noisemaker. Another is Loopor. But it’s still nice to have official support for a good number of plugins.


Probably a little bit off topic, but if any of you have updated the Modep image, does it now provide access to the plugin store?


No, it does not have access to the plugin store.


Thanks, Giedrius. It’s a pity…