MODEP on Raspian Lite

i’m trying to install MODEP with all the components needed to use it on Raspian Lite (last version: Bullseye) without success!!

ok, I followed the procedure linked here followed by an “apt install modep”…but here what i need to do to make it works?

i’m using a rpi4 and also a rpi3b+ with the same results!

can someone help me?

I used this to install Mod on the rpi os 64 bit lite: GitHub - CarloCattano/mod-PiSound: install script for moddevices software on Raspberry pi 4 aarch64 with PiSound hat

You need to compile the plugins yourself though.

If you wanna use Patchstorage for the plugins youre better off with patchbox os.

You might wanna install the Linux Realtime kernel to the OS also. I think patchbox has this covered already. There might be is slight performance increase using the 64 raspbian but it takes a bit work to get the system working properly.

ok, i’m thinking the same…it can be easier with patchbox os…but i have a reason for my choice…

i’m using modep with a focusrite scarlet 2i2 and icant reach a good sound quality…
if modep is down the sound seems to be clean but when i try to start modep the sound become distorted…even without plugins!

i’d try a lot of jack difference settings with no difference…

any advices??

try a higher buffersetting maybe?