Modep on Rasbery Pi 3A+ issues

Are there any obvious reasons why a Pi3A+ won’t expand the Modep disk image?

It gets a step past the colour screen then says

Could not expand filesystem, please try raspi-config or rc_gui.
Boot and root partitions are on different devices.

I flashed it with etcher

Any ideas what to try??

What happens if you try expanding the file system via sudo raspi-config?

Pretty sure your problem isn’t unique to the Modep image. You might find some help here:

It sounds like perhaps you didn’t start with a completely clean card? If that’s the case, you might want to try a completely new card or try deleting all partitions first. I have used Etcher to create a Modep card (for pi 3 A+ and B) many times without a problem. My expanded image takes up about 2.8 GB so you’ll probably need a card that is 4GB or larger.

Good luck!

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