MODEP no longer running following rpi-update



I have recently picked up an audioinjector soundcard to use with my Pi running MODEP.
In order to install the necessary gubbins it states it needs rpi-update to be ran, and a few adjustments to the /boot/config to update which audio device is loaded.

Before running this update the software booted and performed as expected, finding the audioinjector card as you’d like to see (I’m only doing this update as the card’s ins and outs were not usable in alsamixer. But following the update the Access Point is no longer available to connect to.

Is there anything in a kernel update that would bring this down?

Thanks for your time



Hi, no, not really.

Does the system work otherwise? Can you access it via an ethernet cable or keyboard & monitor?



Thanks for your reply @Giedrius. I performed the update via Ethernet and all seemed fine via SSH.
I will try again this evening to see if I can still connect to it that way.
I hope it’s something simple.