Modep build and install on RPI 4 64bit (without patchos)


May someone explain me or provide me with docs or instructions to build and install MODEP on arm64 form scratch ? From a raspbian lite 64b.

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Just a little up as I do really need Modep in 64bits for using NAM with full models in live. I understood @Giedrius made it at least once. But I’m not enough good in Linux to build it myself without instructions. I tried but it failed. If someone has a detailed instructions or notes that would be helpful! Thx :pray:

check this out: GitHub - TreeFallSound/pi-stomp: pi-stomp is a DIY high definition, multi-effects stompbox platform for guitar, bass and keyboards

Thx ! Do you think it will work or install even if I have a RPI4 and a pisound card. I mean I thought this project was including a dedicated hardware

yes it does. you’ll gonna have to edit some files with nano depending on your sound card possibly, but other than that it works by just running the script. Im running mod software with hifiberry adc dac pro on rpi4 64 bit. I used parts of the install script, cos i didnt want any unnecessary python stuff for the hardware that i dont have. I also skipped the osc remote stuff since Im not using that. I did install amidithru for rtpmidid.

The mod software install is in this script:

you can pick the parts you need if know what youre doing, if unsure just run the whole installer and fix your soundcard settings /boot/config.txt. it’ll work with the missing pistomp hardware, just slightly slower ui in boot time and pedalboard changes.

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Hey, can I ask the silliest question?

Once everything is installed… How is mod software started and what is the web server address to access the UI?

Yes, even when I managed to try modep or even ELK OS with NeuralPi, I always have lots of troubles because, basically, I’m just following instructions and I just don’t know what I’m doing.

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