MODEP App - Pedal View

So I’ve been wondering…would it be possible to write an app on the phone that would allow someone to “swipe” through the pedals on the active pedal board in MODEP? The idea being I could swipe to the tuner on my pedal board and tune my bass with the pedal board tuner instead of having to have an external tuner. Same thing for pedals like compressor, EQ, gain, cabinet emulation, etc. There are times when I might want to make a tweak to a setting but don’t bring a tablet with me when I’m playing and accessing the UI on a phone is too challenging.

I know I can access pedal board specifics through the web interface but not sure about showing “real time” values through the same.

Okay, so I’m digging into this further. When I pull the current pedal board info, I see that each pedal on the board has an X/Y coordinate which I assume is the X/Y coordinate where the pedal is placed on the pedal board.

So…if I created an app that has an imbedded web browser then I “should” be able to add navigation buttons that will change the x/y offset of the web browser control to make the pedal board fill up the browser page. I will also have to determine if the pedal’s UI width/height can be pulled through the web API and then zoom in/out to get the pedal to fit on a phone’s screen.

The pedals themselves each represent an instance of an LV2 plugin. Probably you could make and listen to changes by directly interacting with the LV2 plugins. Some software bridge between a phone and the Pi would most likely be necessary.

See for LV2 documentation, as well as lilv library might be useful to get started: Lilv

@Giedrius interesting approach, I will have to look into that. Would that cause conflict with a current pedalboard if the plugin I’m interacting with is on the current pedalboard?

Not sure if MOD listens to such changes in real time - maybe it does, as it shows when controls change that are mapped to MIDI. The sound would definitely react to such LV2 control changes coming in from anywhere.

MidiDesigner Pro allows you to design a customized interface and control the modep pedalboard by way of midi messages.

That would be great except I use Android, not Apple devices.

I think this is a cool idea.

I suppose you could create a touchosc screen with multiple tabs, each tab being a diff pedal. But it would require a lot of up front work and not be dynamic.

But the idea of just being able to flip to and see full screen on the phone, each pedal in your rack would be interesting.

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