MODEP and 3rd parties plug availability & misc questions

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First, I’m glad to join this community. So thx to the modep and blokas teams for this.
I’ve ordered a Pisound to patch with a RPi 4B. The idea is to replicate Mod dward stuff but with more CPU power as I understood those might lack power, specially when used with neural amp sims (NAM feather …).

However, is it possible using MODEP within patchos to buy and use third parties plugs like shimmer verbs or AIDA-X models which have been released ? Is the store accessible. Or does it requires specific actions like compiltation ?

In my misc questions, i wonder if a passive DI circuit in front of the PISOUND input would increase the sound quality for the effects ?

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Hi, it is not possible to buy commercial plugins from MOD Audio store but you can get “almost” every free plugins available for MOD Dwarf through integration (which replaces the MOD Audio store) and it works very good. There you can find NAM and AIDA-X (but not the commercial models since I think they’re exclusive for MOD Audio).

Using a DI box before the pisound input is “mandatory” when using a guitar since the pisound input impedance is max 100k Ω.

I’m using AIDA-X with a RPi 4B but, even if cpu usage is around 50%, I often get xruns (sound glitches) that makes the solution not usable for live situations. I suppose is something related to AIDA-X plugin, maybe to the fact that is compiled for 32 bit (Patchbox OS is a 32 bit system, unfortunately).

Crystal clear, thx a lot for your reply ?
I’ve read here some folks have compiled modep stuff for 64bit, do you think it could be a solution ?

I’ve no idea, never tried the 64 bit journey on Patchbox OS.

Any neural based plugin is gonna suffer massively using 32bit. 64bit is a must. NAM on 64bit pi4 can run some standard models. It’s not too hard to set up mod stuff on pi os 64bit lite

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Thank you! May you please elaborate or give me some pointers to docs where it would be explained how to compile mod and Nam for RPI 4 64bits ? Thx !