MOD Synths for MODEP

Would the new MOD synth plugins be compatible with MODEP on the Pi?

Which plugins in particular? :slight_smile: If they’re LV2, there’s good chances it can run on MODEP as is, unless some new UI features were added that are required.

Maybe this is old news, but I thought I read somewhere that MOD had released some new synth plugins?

In particular the Audio to CV Pitch plugin.

You can always compile it manually on your pi (3.3 MB) (1.6 MB)

Both compiled for 64 bit aarch64 tho, and maybe need better optimization flags. @jtemple967

That’s awesome! Have you loaded these on your Pi?

Yes but as I mentioned. I run regular mod software and 64bit pi4

Okay, explain this to me please. What do you mean by you “run regular MOD software and 64bit pi4”?

Sorry. It means I don’t run MODEP, I just use the latest version of MOD software. So I don’t know if it’s compatible with MODEP.

Secondly, they are compiled or built on a raspberry pi that uses a 64 bit Operating system. So if you are running patchbox OS I guess you are on 32 bit Operating system and therefore they will definitely not work

@DrKoma I wasn’t aware that the standard MOD software would run on a RPi. I’d be interested in running the latest MOD software so I can use some of the latest features. How did you do that?

Wait…I think I just saw your other post on how to do exactly that.