MOD Devices Going Bankrupt

Sad news, from an ally in our scene.

Any likely influence on MODEP?
My guess is that we haven’t felt so much of an impact from MOD’s dev work in a while. At the same time, maybe there’s a way for Blokas to get some of those devs involved in interesting projects…


Maybe we can ask the MOD developers to help get MODEP current?

Really hope this has a happy ending.

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@Giedrius could we just use this for the RPI/PiSound combination?

@Giedrius I think I opened a can of worms. The MOD guys have created a thread for discussion on open source software, specifically MODEP and MOD devices. Would love to see Blokas input on this topic:


@jtemple967 As both Pisound and Midihub were crowdfunded, and Patchbox OS is too an Open-Source project, together with @Giedrius, we feel quite touched by the MOD Devices situation and have been following the developments and posts of the founders very closely for the past couple of days.

As we are, of course, partial, it would be very interesting to hear what our community, especially MODEP users think about these developments and MODEP’s possible impact on MOD Devices. Was it wrong to use open-sourced mod-ui and mod-host as a module in Patchbox OS, or contrary, does MODEP serve as a gateway to the MOD Devices ecosystem?

Also, in case of no MOD Devices reboot, maybe you have some ideas on how we could try to minimize the impact on the whole environment? E.g., we were discussing an option to dedicate some resources to implementing Patchstorage integration for MODEP and existing MOD users so at least they could keep sharing plugins and pedalboards if the MOD cloud remains offline. Any ideas are highly appreciated!

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@Pranciskus I would, of course, love to see MODEP and MOD continue. I do think there is a place for both. However my suggestion on the MOD site was to develop a “paid” version of the MOD software that is compatible with the RPi. I know that might seem counter-intuitive to the whole open source paradigm but at the end of the day many of us just want to simply download/install/play and pay someone else to update the product to the latest version. I did volunteer to update MODEP to the latest release of MOD but that process was way outside of my skillset. And I understand that Blokas might not have time to update MODEP to the latest release but at some point that needs to happen. I would gladly pay money to get a MODEP install that has all the features of the MOD systems.

@jtemple967, rest assured we will be updating MODEP to the latest version in both scenarios. Sooner than later in case of no reboot.

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@Pranciskus that would be awesome! I now have my MIDI controller built specifically for MODEP working and would love to use the new IR cabsim feature.

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I would really like to know whats the position of blokas too. I feel divided and understanding both parts, but to claim their faliure on the reutilisation of the code by another company that makes indirect profit seems a bit exagerated.

Its been years I dont use modep, I simply compile mod software from github and set it up on my pi4 64 bit raspberry os with 8GB of ram + PiSound , and its really great for a handful of plugins. Im not a guitarrist and would probably never buy a moddevices box per se, and my pi can run mod software with other programs alongside like giada, seq192 etc.

The latency and audio performance outperforms almost my MOTU mk4 and a windows machine, so thats that!

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We have just posted a letter on the MOD community forum with our official position - Blokas Letter to MOD Community - Random - MOD Devices Forum

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Latest update from Mod Devices.

May I ask if you have instructions on how to compile the MOD software stack on a Pi4?


Thank you.

Pardon me but I haven’t read the whole posts yet.

Will this install the whole MOD stack (plugin host, web GUI…) or just cross compile the plugins?

There are two different things, one is compiling plugins one is for installing mod. But I wouldn’t recommend using it without a bit of expertise. Maybe wait till Blokas update modep

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I posted this on the Mod “conflict between open source” post, but in case it gets deleted, I wanted to cross post. They are gaslighting you.

“ Ok……

So, posting here because I’m kind of disgusted. I love what you do. I own Mod products, and have built fork products for personal use. I was broken up about what happened until I read this post, and now I’m sitting here and am just kind of shocked.

Customers, you are either being lied to, or the people at Mod have no self awareness. They blame open source projects for their demise, but the fact is that it was no industry secret that they were never great businessmen. I’ve had numerous conversations over the years with companies they have spoken to asking for investment, shops they asked to carry product, etc, and the overwhelming consensus was “we love the idea and the product but there is no plan, no logistics, no support”. So now they are sitting here and blaming the open source community for their own failings. They are blaming companies that are smaller outfits, ones who sell kits and have less features. Ones that are appealing to the most niche audience, and if anything act as advertisements for the real thing. They are blaming the companies that support them because they can’t reflect on what they did wrong, and asking you to foot the bill.

Now, before you go and accuse me of not understanding, I work in product development. I’ve been both in product management and engineering. I know how the bread is made. These guys have asked my friends for money. When someone asks for investment, they need to actually show how the investment will be recouped. If you have not made money so far you have to show how your strategy is changing. If you can’t do that, then that is on you.

Now, don’t feel sorry for the big money investors. They invest in startups expecting that half will fold. If there are small investors then that is different, but but the big guys? Yea…. On the other hand, don’t let Mod weaponize sympathy in an effort to crowdfund another go when they can’t even reflect on what they should have done differently.”


@jtemple967 the latest version is here - [BETA] MODEP Update: MOD-UI 1.12 x Patchstorage