Mod Cabinet Loader not Working


I have just installed patchbox os with modep on a new raspberry pi 4 and everything went smooth and nice. However there is a plugin that is not working… the Mod Cabinet Loader.

I get an “error adding effect” when trying to put it on the pedalboard.

Any idea? Thanks!

P.D: I just checked and the version available to download from the patch store is compiled at 64bits, that’s why it fails…

Looks like an incorrect version was uploaded: Cabinet Loader | Patchstorage

It should get reuploaded at some point by @deathbeard.

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That’s strange…I recompiled it and reuploaded it recently. I’ll do that again…3rd times a charm right?

The MOD convolution loader is also still in 64 bit.
A problem with the tool chain?

I haven’t had a chance to reupload it yet…I’ve confirmed that the version is 32 and 64 bit, but somehow it’s uploading the 64bit to both platforms…

Uploaded again, please test

I just tried the cabinet loader and I can download the plugin but when I add to a pedalboard I get an error.

There seems to be an issue when uploading. Seems to be uploading the 64bit to both 32 and 64bit on patchstorage. I’ll fix that tonight. Verified by inspecting the uploaded files, they are identical, but the built files are different.

@deathbeard, let me know if this is a patchstorage-lv2-uploader issue and we will look into it. :wink:

Hi! It seems that it is not fixed. I get “error adding effect” when dropping plugin into pedalboard.

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Not fixed today.

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having the same problem… also with convolution loader … done the updates etc.