Midihub with AKAI MPC ONE - controller + 2 volcas and 1 op-z

Hello to you all.
I need some advice on how to set up my midihub.

I have an AKAI MPC ONE to which I want to connect and synchronize via Midi 2 volca and an OP-Z.
So currently I synced through midihub time, and when I start the music track on Akaia MPC ONE that I use as a controller, the 2 volca and the op-z also start.

But my question is this: if I want to play the Volca FM, or the op-z using the AKAI MPC ONE directly, how can I do that? I set Vola FM with Midi channel1, Volca Keys with Midi Channel 2, and I set channels 1 and 2 to AKAI, but when I use the Midihub it only synchronizes the time but does not allow me to play midi devices while having properly set the midi channel.

What settings should I put in the pipeline?
Thank you.

Could you show us the preset you have so far?