Midihub UK import tax

Thought this may be of interest to UK customers
As of 9th April 2024:

Midihub: Price of goods €164 (£144.66)
Postage and currency conversion charges €19.80 (£16.97)
Total: €183.80 (£157.52)

Import taxes to the UK €53.36 (£45.79)
Total (including import tax) €237.16 (£203.31)

The goods value threshold to not incur import tax to the UK is £135.

I would happily pay £10 less for the hardware and pay £10 for the software download to not incur the tax!

It sadly makes an excellent product less affordable. I wish I had this detail up front but I would have chosen not to purchase. The disclaimer on the store lacks detail. I’m not against taxes but pro clear up-front-information.

I don’t buy goods from the EU often so this was an unpleasant surprise (though I’d heard of it happening post Brexit). I guess other international vendors might bundle these hidden costs in the price?

I haven’t got a breakdown from UPS about how the taxes are applied, but as the goods are over £135, it may apply to shipping and currency conversion also.

Looking forward to receiving the midihub but not paying the import tax (to the delivery driver - sounds and feels like a hustle)!

Kind regards

Ian, UK

PS here’s an interesting (!) UK Gov link: https://community.hmrc.gov.uk/customerforums/

“There is no such thing as a good tax”
Winston Churchill

Ah. I understand your frustration. But I don’t think suggesting undervalue is not a very good idea for…reasons.

Too bad you missed 14% sale which was just 2 months ago