Midihub Turns Three & Birthday Sale!

The 29th of August is a particularly memorable day here at Blokas - a triple birthday! :star_struck:

On this day, almost seven years ago, we signed the Blokas company’s registration documents :writing_hand:, @Giedrius is celebrating his birthday :cake:, and this year on this day, it will be exactly three years since Midihub was born! :exploding_head:

We are starting the festivities today and would like to invite you to join us! :partying_face:

Use “CHEERSTOMIDIHUB” code during checkout to get a 14% discount on your new Midihub! The code is active until Monday midnight (GMT+3). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And if you already are a proud owner of Midihub :blush: and are reading this in your studio, snap that Midihub setup of yours :camera_flash: and share it here or on social media using #midihub. Seeing Midihub in the wild, doing things it was meant to do, would be the best birthday present for us! :gift:


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