Midihub supports natively Apogee Quartet with Core Midi?

Hi there,

I want to supply mit IOs with an older Apogee Quartet for being more flexible. It supports – only – Core Midi Devices via an USB-A-Socket. My question: Midihub delivers – only – core midi data? So it should fit?

Thanks for your answer(s) in advance :slight_smile:


Midihub connects to host via the USB-A connection, it will probably work with Apogee Quartet just fine, unless it doesn’t act as a true USB hub, so the Editor might not be able to communicate with the OS, but the USB MIDI functionality should still work.

This should be very easily rectifiable by simply plugging in Midihub into another USB-A port on your host computer.

I’m not sure if there’s any difference between connecting USB MIDI devices to Quartet or directly to the host computer.

I’d say the best solution in your case is to simply connect Midihub directly to your host computer. :slight_smile:

Great, yes, that’s right. I just asked for the cases, I am out of USB-ports. Thank you very much for quick answer!

(Out of USB-port e.g. with an iPad Pro.)

A USB hub should work in this case, of course it’s messier with more cables. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! That would be the way around.

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