Midihub + Soma Terra?

:slightly_smiling_face: Hi everyone,
I hope I’m in the right section of the forum for my question.
I am very impressed with this device and would like to include it in my current setup.

However, I have a doubt and I hope someone can clarify my ideas before purchasing it.

At the moment my main synth is the Soma Terra, which is a wonderful innovative synth but also “old school” at the same time, especially when it comes to midi management.

In your opinion, could I use the Midihub to add alternative possibilities to the Terra or would I encounter problems and therefore it would be less usable?
Maybe someone has already tried it and could share their impressions.
Thank you all

AFAIK you’re the first to mention Terra in context of Midihub.

I’m guessing you want MIDI going in to Terra: what’s sending messages out:
Controller → Midihub → Terra ?

Once you get comfortable with Midihub you can do some pretty interesting things cos Midihub can use incoming messages (or create it’s own with LFOs) and modify them into most other messages (except Sysex) to send them out.

If you haven’t already, check out the Editor (you can start patching without MH connected) and the Patchstorage presets.

Any idea where you’d want to start?

PS Welcome to Midihub forums

:grinning:Hi resonotter and thanks for replying.
Unfortunately, due to the decision of its creator (which I do not agree with), the Terra has an unconventional midi input, in the sense that it only accepts clock sync, but not normal midi inputs.
I was hoping to be able to use it anyway with the midi Out (which sends normal Output signals) and then use the Out that enters the Midihub and can therefore manage other synths in an “imaginative” way.
I hope I explained myself in the best way and I hope you can have suggestions for me.
Thanks again

that’s a bummer, I was picturing Terra modulating Terra!

OK so Terra → MH → Synths, then.

Same Midihub nigh-endless scope applies.
P21 of manual shows various MIDI modes. With these I could envision processing stuff out to several synths, but I’d want to hook Terra up to MH (or a DAW if I didn’t have it) and see the message flows for a few mins of playing.

I can make suggestions better if you can help me narrow it down:
Notes? Chords? Split Chords? Arps, Aftertouch on some notes modulating some aspects and others on other notes? turn on a harmonising delay when the gyroscope hits a certain range?
I could go on so help me out with what takes your fancy in your wildest Terra dreams :wink:

Wow you are so kind!
Thanks you have already given me a lot of input.
Before bothering you again I prefer to go and study the Midihub manual and get a more in-depth idea of what I could get.
I therefore hope to be able to exploit the (almost infinite) possibilities of the Terra.

As you will know it has a microtonal keyboard with twelve dynamic semi-spheric metal sensors and a Pitch Shifter transposing the notes played into sixteen intervals.
This gives you a range of 120 semitones with a step of 0.8 cents, with an ability to instantly transition around the entire range.
Each of the twelve sensors and sixteen Pitch Shifter positions can be individually tuned in semitone steps or microtonally.
The whole keyboard can be transposed in octave or semitone steps. That enables you to create your own microtonal scales or microtonal pitch shifting systems.

In my best dreams is to connect the Terra to the Midihub and best configure the pipelines that allow me to control with all the nuances a Korg Microkorg, a Korg Volca Keys, a Maschine MK3, a Roland SH-4D and a Torso S4.
I don’t have a Midihub yet so I’m trying to understand all this through videos, forums and manual. Thanks for your patience.

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A lot of the major vids (Loopop, SynthDad, OscillatorSink, et al) date from a few years back now.
The latest firmware has made some major leaps forward:

  • Added ‘dotted’ sync times for LFO, Delay, Note Repeater, Arpeggiator and Fixed Note Length pipes.
  • 2 new Arpeggiator algorithms: ‘Entirely Up Then Down’ and ‘Entirely Down Then Up’.
  • Chord Grace Period argument added to Dispatcher.
  • Sostenuto mode added to Sustain pipe.
  • Added ‘Play Root Note?’ and ‘Inversion’ parameters to Harmonizer.

(from here)

when you start looking at individual pipes you’ll start to see just how much scope you’ve got.

Come back with any questions.

I’m intrigued to know what

looks like when received as MIDI messages…


…yep, this might limit what harmonic co-ordination you can achieve.


Having watched a few mins on Terra basic ops for tuning, functionality will depend not only on what Terra sends out but also what your other devices can handle.
In short, lots of scope with standard chromatic stuff but each device may be limited in terms of number of channels of pitchbend it can handle (at 1st glance, Maschine and Torso look like best bets for micro-tonal but I own none of these boxes).
Midihub can do Microtone with up to 16 channels but not on the fly (you can select one of 8 assignable presets via MIDI mapping, but now we’re going pretty deep)