Midihub Progress Update #6

As we made a breakthrough regarding the enclosure manufacturing we wanted to share a short overview on what we achieved during past 6 weeks. Let’s start!

PCB Assembly & Testing

All the parts arrived on time and we received the last batch of freshly assembled boards last Friday. As planned we had built a convenient testing station that helps us flash and thoroughly test every board in an efficient way. A handful of boards from the initial batch had an issue with LEDs not being completely upright, but that was solved by using a custom soldering frame. Besides that we haven’t found any other reappearing inconsistencies, the testing itself is going smoothly and we are really happy with the end result of the assembled boards.

Update: We have finished flashing and testing all of the boards. Proud to say that the failure rate is below 1.47%.

Enclosure Manufacturing

As per last update, enclosure manufacturing is the main reason for the delay in our fulfillment process. After the holidays we continued our search for a new partner. It was quite a hectic process but we are happy to say, that we managed to find another company here in Lithuania that has all the necessary machinery and capacity to produce the enclosures in-house and are willing to work with us in a timely manner. We received the second and final prototype from them on Tuesday, you can see it in the picture above. All the manufacturing details has been dealt with and they plan to start working on our order in coming weeks. The manufacturing itself should take around one week and after that the only step left to finish the enclosures is to apply the silkscreen graphics.

Fulfillment Estimates

In the last progress update we underestimated how much time it would take for us to find a new enclosure manufacturer. Currently we expect to begin shipping out Midihubs starting late March.

Shipping Info

Here’s some brief information on the shipment process. All packages will be shipped using International Post, tracking numbers will be available. You will receive an e-mail update with the tracking number once your order gets shipped. If your shipping address changed or is about to change, let us know via hello@blokas.io using the same e-mail address you used when placing your pre-order.


Even though the search for a new enclosure manufacturer burned 6 weeks, we are back on track and currently we don’t foresee any further roadblocks to move forward with the fulfillment process.


Any idea on when you’ll be opening up orders? (missed out on the preorder)

New orders will be accepted once we’re getting really close to fulfilling the last of the pre-orders.

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Will they be shipped from the EU, I’ve got hit with some 22% + X% on top of the product price on NDLR midi sequencer because it was shipped from china :frowning:

Yes, we’ll be shipping the packages from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Waiting for the classic order.
Full support for your crazy project btw!

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Any updates on the progress? Especially in the light of Covid-19?

The enclosures are in production. At the moment the companies we depend on continue to work, even though the quarantine is in effect. All of them are located in our city Vilnius, so we shouldn’t hit big logistical issues. As the situation continues to develop there may be some unexpected delays imposed. Same as anyone else, we can’t predict that, but we’re doing what we can to continue making progress. :slight_smile:


Few experiments and patches have been created for Axoloti boards ( prog is an in-between close to pure data and Maxx ). You could have a look on them and on the triggers used in the patches.
The Axoloti patches and subpatches principle is great but too much orientated audio, rather than midi ; but are easir to analyse than Maxx vst for instance.

Generative is also among my first projects planned once the MidiHub will be received :wink:
But I plan to generate seuqences from arpeggios, though. A bit like Olafur Arnald’s project.
I guess you’ve also already thrown a look to Ólafur’s generative methods and project?

Mynoise#net by Stephane Pigeon as well as the Ross Fish Sleping Dragon interface are also good clue, from my point of vue ; to orientate the building MidiHub work to match our purposes :slight_smile: