Midihub Octatrack Program Change issue

Hello – Has anyone here successfully configured Midihub to send immediate program change to Octatrack? Setting it up for ‘Stop/ProgramChange/Note35(reset)’ changes the program immediately but also pauses the Octatrack. All other combinations I’ve found have the Octatrack switching patterns a bar late. Putting a ‘Start’ message after the Reset doesn’t work - it still switches a bar late.

Any ideas? I’m running the latest software.

So you are saying it will only switch immediately if it receives a stop message? Sounds like program changes are being quantized to the next measure while it’s running. Can you try using MidiHub’s clock instead of OctaTrack?

Here are more details: I’m using MidiHub’s clock.

‘Stop/PC/Note35’ changes pattern instantly but also pauses the Octatrack.

I tried other combinations: ‘Stop/PC/Play’, ‘Stop/PC/Note35/Start’, and ‘Stop/PC/Note35/Note34’ – on all of those the Octatrack doesn’t pause, but it still has the one bar delay.

I tried putting Program Change at end of bar, so that’ll it’ll switch on the new bar, but when the new bar hits, the Octa takes another bar before it registers in the Program Change.


I’m curious as why you are you using a stop message first. Is that required to change a program/pattern on the Octatrack? Needless to say, if you are sending a stop message it will stop. If you are sending a stop then play/start you likely won’t be in sync. What happens if you simply send program change?

Just a program change doesn’t work – it has to do with the Octratrack’s structure. Over at the Elektron forum some people have had success with sending a Stop meesage right before a Program Change and reset – like in this post: Stop/Start for instant pattern change - #5 by Clancy - Octatrack - Elektronauts - the thing is, I can’t replicate the behavior.
Stop/PC/Reset does the instant program change but also pauses the Octatrack. I’ve been asking to advice in the Elektron forum with no success so am hoping someone over here has solved this issue.

I’m using Midihub to clock and Prgm Change to 2 Elektron boxes – with one (Analog Rytm) it works fine and changes instantly, but the Octratrack changes a bar behind. This is also what makes a workaround tricky – I’m sending a single Program Change, but the 2 Elektron boxes change at different times.

Ok i see. Based on what I’ve read in the thread, have you tried it in this order? PC/STOP/START. That’s the combo that the thread says has worked for others. But it says the combo would be
“PC-- A1(33)–B1(35)”.

You could also try putting a small delay in-between to see if that has any effect.

Have you tried this SPP route? it seems like it is a more successful method of control.

Thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately changing the combo to PC/A1(33)/B1(35) and inserting delay doesn’t work either - same result of instant pattern change but paused Octatrack. After an hour of adjusting SPP that is giving me similar results of a paused Octa.

It seems as if the Octatrack responds to Stop messages but doesn’t register the Start/Restart messages. I’ll write Elektron and update here if I learn anything. So frustrating – Midihub works great…


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Sorry, that sucks. I haven’t found anyone who has been successful with the first method combo message. Seems like that is an urban myth unfortunately. People talk about it working but I haven’t actually seen anyone say “I have it working, here’s how to do it”. I’ve seen several videos of the SPP method working though so I wouldn’t give up yet.

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