Midihub Editor Suggestions

Apologies if this already exists, but it’d be really nice to have a mode where the editor communicated with the Midihub via sysex instead of the serial link. This would make it much easier to use in complex routing situations. For instance, I have a Bomebox that does all of my midi routing (~18 hardware USB midi devices connected to it, plus 18 ports of DIN MIDI. I can easily route USB midi in and out of the Midihub with it connected to the Bomebox, but with the editor showing up as USB serial, there’s no good way to get that connected to a computer that can run the editor unless I want to have the computer always-on and always-connected and use network midi with the Bome, which adds way more complexity. The Electra One’s editor, on the other hand, only needs sysex — I can use a simpler single midi network link (or just a DIN cable) when I need the editor, and if the laptop is off, everything still works fine.

I’d happily take a certain amount of performance hit, even, to have this working.

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Yep, I discussed a simular request here:

I really agree with you, and… I own the Electra One as well, and really enjoying it’s SysEx only way of doing things. It allows for a much more complex and customisable setup.

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Would really appreciate a “dark mode” too.
I have sight issues and use a large screen.
A dark background for the midi editor would help greatly.
Thank you for your consideration.


An optional midi monitor would be most helpful for troubleshooting purposes and have it be selectable for individual inputs and outputs.

The MIDI Monitor is available since 1.12.0 :slight_smile:

Ahh yes, I see it now, thanks!

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Could you make the ‘map’ buttons actually look like buttons? I discovered they could be pressed by accident.

The midi monitor is very useful but the latest events just scroll off the page, could it done so that the latest is at the top so you don’t have to keep clearing it? When selecting different parts of the pipe this clears the midi monitor which makes it hard to keep track of the output, maybe make it persistent.

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In channel remap maybe make the value drop downs actually look like drop down menus, since finding these I have been habitually clicking on all plain text to see what it does. I can select the text such as ‘bypass’ ‘in low’ etc but what function does this selection actually achieve beyond a sort of visual bookmark?

Which OS are you using?

When you are editing a large preset
I thought it would be easier to recognize the pipeline if I could name it and have it always visible.

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Any idea if the development team has heard the desire of the user base (counting two atm :D) for a Dark Mode on macOS (all other OS’ too I guess … :stuck_out_tongue: ). I know I need it … white hurts my eyes!

Imho the most important / needed feature!


Can we PLEASE implement this.

I work at night and the bright white screen is hard on the eyes

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I’m still shocked that we do not have colour coding and dark mode available!! surely a simple yet highly useful feature! Please Giedrius??


No Dark Mode - No Buy! :smiley:

id like to see a step sequencer in there that can be triggered like a programmable arpeggiator. with like a 64 step limit maybe? with note and cc events?

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also would love a dark mode! everything i use on my desktop is in dark mode to save my eyes. so whenever i switch to the editor i feel like im being blinded.


I would like to have a “Comment Pipe” to put at the beginning of a row to visualize what that particular pipeline is doing in my large preset. Just a dummy yellow box to add text in the editor, or something similar. The Description tab is for the entire preset, not for the single pipeline. In any case, Midi Hub is ace.



It would be great if you could choose different colors for your pipes in the editor. Like this you could color-code according to your liking (each synth a color, or each type of pipe/effect,or each midi channel …). This would help immensely to keep an overview if you work with a lot of pipes (and synths) and cannot fit them on one screen.

Many Thanks, Robert