Midihub Editor Suggestions

That’s all fine and dandy. What I’m mostly talking about is changing the title so instead of “To USB A” it would read something like “To Max input” etc. I’d rather repurpose the 1024 characters for that and use a note in the same box I save my presets to describe what it’s doing.

It’s more of a focus on the quick-n’-dirty usage that could help declutter the cognitive load of trying to navigate a complex preset creation.

Again, a good example is the nomenclutture (sic) around USB naming. Once set up in the DAW or program in question, it would be so much easier to have to work with “To Max input”, to “Synth Editor”, from “Synth Editor” instead of generic pipe titles. Something to consider maybe.

UI/UX: add it to the Parameters box of the pipe.

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Win10, Midihub Editor 1.10.0
I need 3 mouse clicks to open dialog menu for Values in Properties.

Single clicks do nothing.
Double click opens and then closes dialog menu in the twinkle of an eye.
Then the value line I have clicked finally starts to behave like menu (gets arrow on the right) and single click opens it.
Looks I need to “open” value first.

There’s going to be some usability improvement tasks that we’ll be completing by the time Midihubs ship. The main focus during the beta was the actual MIDI processing functionality. :wink:


Would be nice to:

  • Be able to insert some whitespace in the grid to create some separation between logical operations
  • (Visually) group pipes together where they’re performing relating operations
  • Label pipes in the editor

Most of this could be solve with a dummy input types as a ‘comment’ block


Hi, I wanted to give this a bump.

Label pipes in the editor

Played around with the editor for a while, since Midihub arrived I am a bit overwhelmed by the huge amount of routing options. Labels could really help to keep track of the setup.


What about a generic math function instead of ex. the Velocity Amp only ?

Incoming Parameter: CC / Velocity / Pan / You Name It -> Process: * / + - linear, in steps, etc.


Good idea, noting it down in our todo. :slight_smile:

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That ToDo list is sure getting long!


I agree, this would be a great improvement, to be able to create “blocks” with different workflows in, and even a label on top of the block or something, would be welcome then!

Another thing related to this, it’d be great to be able to select and move a complete pipeline from one row to another. Maybe this is possible already, but I haven’t found out how to do it?

I create these behaviors using the virtual connections, got a feeling it could become VERY messy with the arrows principle in the end…

As for saving complete Pipelines and reloading think that is already requested :wink:


Thanks for pointing this out!

If then in the end it’d be possible to move them around, more to group things that belong together, as I already notice that when I am editing, that I come up with more things to add, after having started to edit another workflow, and all of a sudden things are a mess as they’re spread out in non consecutive rows etc.


Anything on the drawing board for Bank & Program Change?



You may move rows around by dragging the leftmost pipe.

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Ahhh, I think I missed that as when I start dragging the left most pipe, only that one pipe is marked, and not the entire row, instead of testing it I just assumed.


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I love the Midihub but i wish we could have colour coding and labelling for each pipeline. Also have an error when undoing and redoing, everything gets deleted and wont return!

A scroll wheel function for each parameter would be helpful too.

Also routing lfo’s to parameters within midihub would be great… someone please tell me this already possible?

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I think its in the works… meanwhile you can do a “loop-back”

  • OUT DIN A>MIDI Cable> IN DIN B (for example)
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On MacOS, the pipes in the leftmost box looks extremely lo-res, although they look fine when I actually place them into my pipelines. It’s almost as if the lo-res images are rasterized while the non-lo-res images are vector images.

Hey, what is the mac OS version you have and what is the screen resolution you’re using? We haven’t had this reported yet.

Computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)
Display: 13.3-inch (2560 x 1600)
OS: macOS Catalina, Version 10.15.5
Resolution: “Default for display” selected in display settings (that is, in “Displays” in the System Preferences settings menu, and then under the “Display” tab).