Midihub editor as a standalone iOS midi FX app?

I love the very visual and easy to understand editor, which I saw demoed by Loopop. Is there any possibility that this might be developed as a standalone AUV3 midi FX app for IOS at any point? I make virtually all of my generative soundscapes purely on IPad using AUM and Cubasis only, and this would be utterly awesome for those.

Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment we’ll be focusing on the hardware implementation of this, but we’ll keep in mind the interest in a mobile app implementation. :slight_smile:

I’m seconding the suggestion, I already have my iPad connected to my Eventide H9 and was discussing during the weekend with a friend of mine (who is also a backer for Midihub by now :P) how awesome it’d be to have that interface through the iPad/iPhone.

As a software engineer myself I’d be willing to contribute some open-source code if it helps this become a reality :slight_smile:


You can actually connect MH to mobile devices using USB OTG, however, the preset setup would have to be done beforehand via a PC.