MIdihub and Retrokits RK-002


I’m kinda new into midi setup so sorry if it’s a silly question…

I’m trying to get my setup working as a hardware version of modular generative music. It’s getting there. I just ordered yesterday a Retrokits RK-002 midi cable to add euclidean rhythms. Which is the only thing I found that midihub doesn’t do or am I missing something…?

My problem is if I need to use an other euclidean firmware than the one install in it (Digitakt). There a note on the K-002 page: For Swapping firmware on the RK002 you need a MIDI interface with MIDI System Exclusive support like the RK005/RK006.

Is it possible to use the midihub for this? Is it safe?

Where I’m so far with only 5 notes from the drumkid:

Hi, yes, you may send SysEx data through Midihub.

Thanks for the info!