MidiBoy USB not recognized by windows

Hello community, hello Blokas-team,

I finished soldering the MidiBoy and connected it to my Windows 10 PC USB2 port.

But I get the information:

Here is a picture of my soldered PCB.

What should I do now?

Please give me some advice.

Hi, please try heating and reflowing these zener diode pins:

They are connected to the Ground plane, so they need to be heated for a longer time than most other pins, since the heat is dissipated into the plane and they have to heat up enough. So make sure you’re touching both, the pin and the hole ring with your soldering iron and wait for 5-10 seconds, until you notice the solder flowing. If nothing much is happening, add in just a little bit of new solder, but only a couple of mm of wire at most.