Midiboy broken on arrival?

soldered up. triple checked joints by applying heat and solder to each joint again. took some tweezers between joints to make sure no shorts and no left over solder resin connecting between joints. double checked orientation of all parts. checked vcc and gnd to the atmega, lcd and power switch. made sure cpu pins are not bent. double checked usb cable works with other device. then tried midiboy and nothing shows up in dmesg (linux). nothing shows on lcd. tried on a computer with usb3 and usb2. tried with b button held and not, with power switch on or off

what next?

Hey, I can’t notice anything obviously wrong just from the pictures, but you seem to have went through a lot of troubleshooting already. Could you please double check if the capacitors near the crystal are 18pF ones? In the picture I can see that one of them is correct, the other’s markings are not visible.

I suspect there might be something up with the ATmega chip, please contact us via hello@blokas.io and we’ll send you another chip to try with.