Midiboy always waiting for orac bridge

Good evening! I just finished the assembling process of midiboy, but i have a couple of issues. I am trying to use it as an interface for orac 2 but it seems that, despite orac-controller sketch is loaded and working and orac bridge is installed, orac working as it should, mec activated, i can’t make the midiboy to be recognised by my raspberry pi3b+ with sound pi. It continues to say: “Waiting for OracBridge…” Maybe it is not related, but i should mention another issue: my midiboy seems to not be able to take power from the 9v, it powers on only when is connected by usb. Can someone help me?
Thank you very much!

I have news! The orac bridge works, but only if i use an old usb hub! Why is it?

Difficult to say without udev and kernel logs in both scenarios, it must change some timing to make things align just rigtht.

Double check the components that have polarity, like diodes and polarized capacitors, as well as if the red and black wires are going to the correct destinations.