Midi Velocity Transform Help

Hi all, I’d love to hear any ideas on how to achieve this.
I’m trying to make a pipeline to control midi velocity from an incoming drum pad so that whatever velocity is received by midi hub it will output only one of two options. Like this

Input Vel = 0-19 transform to 0 or filter out
Input Vel = 20-59 transform to 60
Input Vel = 60-127 transform to 120

Hey @R808T

Three Replace Transforms will do it.

They will look like this:


Each Transform will act on any note in any Channel…
…but only when its Velocity falls Inside its Range

We Set Note Number to the same message type†…
but Set Velocity to a “fixed” value given by Argument 1

†As you say, “Vel = 0-19” could go to Note Off
(…but making them consistent allows you to alt-drag the first to create the others)

PS. “fixed” is in quotes cos it’s fixed only until you Map it to some control…


:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: that’s awesome!!! Thanks so much!


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