Midi Time Code (MTC) to Midi Clock Convertion

Hi All,

I have a tascam model 16 mixer/recorder that can output midi time code (MTC) via usb. But all of my other devices (like squarp pyramid etc.) only take midi clock. It would be SO amazing if somehow I could hook the tascam usb output to the usb input on the midihub and have the midihub be able to convert the MTC from the tascam to midi clock that I could send to all my other devices to keep them all in sync when multitracking…

But I don’t know if this would be easy to do or impossible to do. Is it even possible with the midihub?


Hi, this wouldn’t work, the devices can’t be connected together as they both have USB-B type ports. If connecting via an intermediary host, there’s potential for significant jitter in clocking.