Midi thru, but logging all messages

I have to be honest, I don’t know what I am doing, nor why I bought the PiSound (ahahaha, I had dreams but they were vague.) But the first thing I’d like to do is use it to help me debug some weirdness I am seeing with a pair of Elektron boxes.

What I’d like to do is plug box 1 into pisound midi in, and box 2 into midi out, and have the unit forward messages (as if box 1 and box 2 were directly connected) but also to log all the messages (for debugging purposes) I see there is a MODEP plugin “midi thru” which I guess would accomplish the first part of the mission. Are there any idea for the second part, please?

Many thanks in advance

I’d recommend using aconnect and aseqdump command line utilities.

aconnect -lio will list all the ALSA MIDI clients and the current virtual connections on the system. Pisound in my experience usually is accessible using 20:0 as the client and port id, so you could use a command like this to make all the incoming messages to be immediately sent back out:

aconnect 20:0 20:0

Or possibly aconnect pisound:0 pisound:0 could work too.

Then run aseqdump -p 20:0 or aseqdump -p pisound:0 to see the messages passing through.

You may have to first install alsa-utils package so aseqdump command is available: sudo apt install alsa-utils

Many thanks, I will try that today, now I have my PiSound + R4b working.