Midi stuck notes (note on is ok, note off is not)


I have just noticed that using the midi in of Modep has some kind of weird bug when sometimes the midi note gets stuck forever on. It is like the note off is not arriving or not been processed correctly.

Using the same midi keyboard with other devices does not show this problem.

This problem is present on MODEP, ModDwarf and Mod Duo X, so it is something within the base software. Not sure if there is anyone here who can help… looks like a big problem that is also present on mod forum with no solution since several months ago :frowning:

When you send the note off, can you confirm the midi cc and it’s value? I’m using a home grown midi controller and have never experienced thatyself.

It is done all by the device (midi keyboard, fishman tripleplay and gr-55 tested), so I am not sure if the message is arriving, but it is been sent for sure, as it works perfectly on pc and other synths.

I can reproduce the problem easily by just pressing a lot of keys in the keyboard randomly, and eventually some notes get stuck.

I will try to record a video tomorrow, thx for answering. Other users have reported the same problem on the mod forums, with different plugins and setups.

Can you share what plugin you’re testing this with? I’d like to see if I can reproduce this.

All generators have this problem, but I am using DIE Synth plugins to test. I have read that the problem is related to usb otg midi devices, but I am not 100% sure about that.

I have just tested with a pisound card and midi in and the problem still persists, so it is not usb related.

Try using some MIDI monitoring software to inspect the events coming in from the device, such as aseqdump.

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Ah, I don’t think I picked up on the fact that you’re using the MIDI connector on Pisound, not USB?

No no, I was using USB always, but then decided to try pisound midi, to check the problem persists. I also have checked external usb sound card, without pisound. With some configs the problem is more frequent than others, but it is always there…

Then I would agree with @Giedrius and suggest using the mentioned tool to monitor the incoming commands.

I will, thanks.

Feel free to post back any findings here. I’m curious as to why I’ve never seen this.

I have done more tests and it fails a lot more when I have a screen attached (dsi) and chrome launched with the pistomp ui…

I tried I fresh install, no desktop no screen, and it is almost impossible to lose a note off…