Midi resource busy? (SOLVED)

Probably something stupid, but I can’t seem to figure it out at the moment. I’ve made a fresh install of my SuperCollider patchbox and now when i try to run my script which uses an akai midimix it fails with

MIDI (ALSA): connect failed (Device or resource busy)
ERROR: Primitive '_ConnectMIDIOut' failed.
class MIDIOut (0x2c0c920) {
.etc( this is all supercollider specific stuff)

Since this was working before i was wondering what kind of daemons and programs might be able to use the midi resources on a standard installation or could it be something with the jack configuration?



I’ve figured it out, the amidiauto daemon seems to block every midi resource, so I have to disable it, thanks for the documentation:


Hi, amidiauto uses ALSA sequencer APIs which allow for sharing the MIDI ports between software (most software uses alsaseq), but ALSA rawmidi based APIs want to access the ports exclusively, so hence it would return a ‘device busy’ error. :slight_smile:

I think SuperCollider supports ALSA seq APIs too…

Interesting, maybe I need to dig a bit deeper, currently I’m using Modality-toolkit for all the MIDI handling, maybe I can change some settings to keep amidiauto. Thank you for the suggestion, I will research- -

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