Midi Program Change range filter (like CC range filter)

One important filtering method is missing. We need simply program change filtering, similar like CC filter range now.
For example, I have two devices, one will receive the change program on channel 3, the other to 14. My sequencer is set to send the change program on channel 14. In miduhub I can set up a pipeline with channel remap 14 > 3 and a filter so that only program change commands pass.
Each program change change will go to channels 14 and 3 and both will change the program to the same number, but it would be nice to set the range e.g. 14 receives only changes 1-60, 3 receives only 61-127.
Can you make such an improvement? What do you think about this Blokas Team?

Haven’t actually tried, but I’d think you can achieve this by transforming the PC to CC/Note which you can range-limit and finally transform back to to a PC.


Yes, I know it and will try it out. Midihub is a great device!

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I think it works. Quick test Polyend Tracker > Model: Cycles
Filters the range of PCH that I have set.
Transform (Mode: replace, What: PCH, Into: CC)> CC Filter> Transform (Mode: replace, What: CC, Into: PCH)
Let’s see what Micromonsta 2 will say?