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“The events may be displayed in their raw hex form, or decoded into a readable form”.
I can I get it to a readable form?

Disable the “Raw Display” option in Monitor’s Settings menu.

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Simple :slight_smile:

Any mileage in giving an extra option to have Raw Display Decimal or, even better , Export As CSV (Decimal)?

(dunno how whether enough users want to delve that far to make it worth your while)

I think it’d be best to keep it as is, so it doesn’t get more complex with additional options. :slight_smile: The HEX representation of MIDI data is used in a lot of applications, and it makes it easier to parse out what the messages represent, like if you see 0x98 as the status byte, you know it’s a Note On on Ch 9, 0x8a is a Note Off on Ch. 11. Making sense quickly of 152 and 138 decimal numbers would take way longer. :slight_smile:

There are ways to convert the .csv file to show stuff in decimal, like importing the .csv into Excel and using =HEX2DEC(...) formula, or a simple Python script that would iterate over rows of the csv data and do the representation change.

Yeah, I know.
The irritation, at least with LibreOffice, is that you need to tell it to import those cols as text so it doesn’t do ‘90’ as numbers and ‘A9’ as text.

just an extra thing to forget. (and I always do!)

Maybe I’ll post up a zip with the .odt & .xlt convert/lookup templates…
…then you can use your admin skills to see the 3 users and their dogs who find it useful!

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