MIDI Microtuner for Polysynths

I made a puredata poly-pitchbend MIDI microtuner re-tuning three analog polysynths in 15-TET.


Sounds great! I keep coming back to listen to it again. :slight_smile:


nice work… just got myself a 2nd hand cirklon a few months back and have been retuning it with my own patch on the midi hub… but since i have a pi sound as well and the midihub does’t have usb midi host capabilities i would like to add the pisound to the chain so i can include devices such as the op-1 and other USB Midi devices… could pls you share your setup…

You can use a Raspberry Pi to forward USB MIDI devices to be processed by Midihub and back, see Using Patchbox OS on Raspberry Pi to send USB midi to the Midihub? - #2 by Giedrius