Midi message sequencer plugin?

There are a few lv2 sequencer plugins available but all of them only work with note messages.
Instead, I need a sequencer that is capable to send a list of messages and each message should be a Program Change or Control Change or System Exclusive message

In some situations on stage, when activating a Snapshot on modep i need to send a list of control codes to set things that modep snapshot itself does not memorize. As an example when using b_synth plugin if you want to send a drawbar configuration and set vibrato or rotary you can do that with specific CC commands. It is possible to use mindi utility to define each of that codes to send but the pedalboard layout became pretty confusing and full of things very fast.

So i am looking for a lv2 plugin where i can memorize a list of actions and define for each action millisecond delay of injection, channel and value 1 and 2. On snapshot loading this plugin should fire and send the control sequence. I searched the internet for such a plugin but i didn’t find any, So i suppose that this feature has never been addressed so far.

it will be nice if someone knows a plugin of this type … or I have to code it ?
Happy Music to all of you !!

@fcapozzi I can’t think of a pedal that would do what you’re asking.

Have you considered using snapshots? With snapshots you can set any parameter in any combination and have those settings recalled quickly.

I see you’d like to have this fire with each snapshot load so perhaps my suggestion about using snapshots doesn’t apply.

Hi jtemp I made many tests using snapshots … i use them with success in many cases. Unfortunately the snapshot beheaviour is dependent from the specific plugin. I suppose it depends from what the plugin code has been written.
As an example “Fluidsynth” works well and after setting each control when saving snapshot remember the configuration.

Some other plugin does not work as they should … as you know i am exeprimenting with the b_synth plugin since two months … if you hit the setup button there is no parameter to be set in the interface … however looking into the source code and in the configuration plugin files i found that this plugin respond to some program change for setting parameters and also to some control change messages.

If you set the configuration using this control change and program change messages and then save the snapshot on recall the configuration is not restored. So there is probably something that has not be coded in the right way o the lv2 modep interface lack of some functionalities.

@fcapozzi that makes sense, snapshots is not going to solve your issue. Looking through the available plugins in patchstorage or MOD’s plugins I don’t see anything that will do what you’re asking. Very likely that the plugin may need to be tweaked to restore it’s settings.

One thought; does the plugin support presets?