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Dear colleagues,

In my multiple midi mappings it can happen many times that I need to reach the same parameter through different ports.
Now it happens that in one of the last updates, in which the possibility to choose the specific port has been added (something great) I can’t find the way to assign something like ‘any port’, let’s say like it was before, which forces me to map one by one all the possible ports I’m going to reach it through.

Am I missing something?

I would love to be able to set a mapping assigned and always be able to access from any port and device.


Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 15.04.44
Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 15.04.53

Currently there is no (and wasn’t) an ‘Any port’ option for mappings, but after the update, you could send all the port CCs to the same Virtual output, then create mappings using it, in that case all of the USB/MIDI ports sending CCs to the same virtual output port will be able to make changes in a single param mapping.

That’s an option, yes, but in that case I should use at least 8 more pipes to get that, right?
I’m just on the limit of 255. :no_mouth:

Before the update there was an ‘Any port’ de facto, because (as far as I remember) you could only set the channel and cc/note number but not the source, right?
I prefer this way, anyway :smiling_face:
But yes, sometimes I wish not having the need of remapping several times the same parameter.

Yes, you’d have to use up some of the pipes to get this functionality, ~2 pipes per port you want to add as mappable ones (port input + virtual output).

It was always tied to port, channel, and cc/note number.

Don’t rule out the possibility that some of the new capabilities might allow you to reduce the number of pipes:

things like, say, Transform now having Drop and the ability to do more with channels give more tools to work with.

(Daunting task, though, with a big patch)

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That option is always in my mind. And anyway I clean the pipelines regularly (because I need to make room, therefore I need to sacrifice and throw away some stuff).
Don’t forget I have four Midihub units interconnected, it’s a huge work everytime I need to make changes!

Here I send you a nice picture of my studio last week (before the new layout I started to plan yestarday, which I will finish… who knows when).

The Midihubs are hidden below the instruments so you can’t see them in this picture, but now I’m starting to build a new independent stand for them so I can see the activity leds.


I never forget how scarily impressive your set-up is!
(Blokas should give you an honorary ambassador title)

PS. Here's less glamorous picture..

…showing an admittedly extreme example of the best one could do in 1.13…

…versus 1.15

Like that your studio is floating above the clouds, btw

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That picture really got all my attention!!!
I was already aware that “Transform” is the most versatile and magical pipe, but it’s also so misterious to me…
I could’t really enter to its logic of use yet and clearly I’m missing one of the biggest dimensions of Midihub.
I’ll have to look up for room even deeper into my brain.

ps: my studio is indeed floating above the clouds! (it’s a 3D scan, not a photo :wink: )
ps2: still waiting for my blokas ambassador title! I couldn’t find yet any other mh user in argentina, btw (even though I bought them while living in berlin)

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the key aspect of that one is the fact that there’s clearly a lot of repetition in the original and it’s about channels.
Unlikely savings will often be on that scale.

If Transform is not currently part of your toolkit, however, there are probably uses it could be put to as well.

Possibly with virtual mappings, too…

I’d like an anonymised map…