MIDI mapping from external USB host device


How can I assign a MIDI mapping that would normally come from a USB host device such as the Electra One?

As far as I understand the only way today to make mappings is to arm the target and then play that MIDI message.

This would not work when the messages are coming from an external USB host device because I cannot have the Midihub plugged in to that while still having access to the Editor.

(Assuming you can’t connect your Elektron directly into your computer…)

I would do much the same as I do with the Loopback Mapping Tool:

  • within your Mac/PC use a patchbay app (or failing that a DAW) to link (say) USB-A-out to USB-A-in.

  • then set the LFO’s CC, Channel Remap’s Out Low|High and the Transform’s Bypass to get the message you want.

  • if you’ve got a whole bunch of mappings and separate controller it’s worth mapping to the above properties to speed up the changes

It might work with a patchbay app but I don’t have free ports for loopback at the moment.

Would it be possible to implement manual MIDI assignments?

I.E. what the learn function does today, I would be able to specify manually.

Sorry, @szszoke , I meant using the Tool just to send out CC through USB-A back to uA just for patch set up purposes, Not using a DIN cable.

Being USB-IN it doesn’t matter if a bunch of other devices are using the USB port/ input pipe

(thats also why I started with the “assuming” - by far the easiest way is to just have Elektron connected up
Elektron → {patchbay} → Mac → {patchbay set to approp port} → MH)

Would it be possible to implement manual MIDI assignments?

As a fellow user, all I can say is Blokas is aware of it cos it’s been raised numerous times.
I don’t think I’ve seen and explanation of why they’ve not chosen to implement it thus far.


because a Set button next to every Map button bringing this:

would have its own downsides in their view?!