Midi mappable selection of what message to transform to

So here’s what I want to achieve:

I have an expression pedal that does send CC27 to the midi hub. I have another controller with 8 buttons.
If I press button 1 I want the expression pedal CC27 be transformed into CC120. If I press button 2 I want the signal to be transformed to CC121 etc.

This way I could control one of eight effects with the same pedal, and I can select what effect to control the the 8 buttons on my controller.

Could I make transform pipelines for each CC to convert to and select which one is active from my 8 buttons in some way?

Is this possible?

Yes you can. It’s easier if your midi buttons are customizable. If you can set your buttons to the same cc at different values then you just need to map that cc to transform into argument.

If you can’t you probably need a loop back that transforms your buttons then loops back in for mapping the needed argument