MIDI Looping - The Dream

Hi there . Here for another go at midi loopers . :slight_smile:
I forked this repo with a pd midi looper
Just added some magic to sync it to midi clock input .
Soon I’ll upload a version with abl_link~ , but maybe is not necesary in PatchboxOS since Link its alredy running if I use lets say MODEP in parallel and sync to jack transport I presume .

Give it a spin and let me know how does it work for you


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Anybody using Giada with PiSound ?

Try sudo apt get install Giada
Its running quite good on the pi 3 .

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OK ! Giada is at a very active development stage ! the dev is pushing a lot of changes and its taking super good shape . https://github.com/monocasual

On another note , seq192 also getting some love . We got 1 bug and 2 feature requests in like 24h ! Now working on a tiny issue with CC’s . If you need a full DAW that can load vst3 and live audio/midi looping , giada would be for you . Seq192 as the description says , its a simpler version of seq24.
It runs and loops suuuper well ! Controlling it via OSC its a breeze and very flexible.

The developer is the same person behind open stage control where you can do amazing things with OSC … sorry touchOSC , you were nice , its not you its me :slight_smile:

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