MIDI Looping - The Dream

Hi there . Here for another go at midi loopers . :slight_smile:
I forked this repo with a pd midi looper
Just added some magic to sync it to midi clock input .
Soon I’ll upload a version with abl_link~ , but maybe is not necesary in PatchboxOS since Link its alredy running if I use lets say MODEP in parallel and sync to jack transport I presume .

Give it a spin and let me know how does it work for you


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Anybody using Giada with PiSound ?

Try sudo apt get install Giada
Its running quite good on the pi 3 .

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OK ! Giada is at a very active development stage ! the dev is pushing a lot of changes and its taking super good shape . https://github.com/monocasual

On another note , seq192 also getting some love . We got 1 bug and 2 feature requests in like 24h ! Now working on a tiny issue with CC’s . If you need a full DAW that can load vst3 and live audio/midi looping , giada would be for you . Seq192 as the description says , its a simpler version of seq24.
It runs and loops suuuper well ! Controlling it via OSC its a breeze and very flexible.

The developer is the same person behind open stage control where you can do amazing things with OSC … sorry touchOSC , you were nice , its not you its me :slight_smile:

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Hi there !
Seems like there are some midi looping raspberry experts here !

I actually use Samplerbox and it is very nice !
I am looking for a midi looping solution that could be able to record loops without a metronom.

The icing on the cake would be to be able to use it with samplerbox.

Any ideas ?


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Hey @Pierre_P , how would looping without metronome work ?
Im not sure if I understand correctly but normally all the ones I know are locked to some kind of grid

Good question.
I’d like the looper to automatically calculate a tempo from the first take. Like you would do with a audio looper.
I would trigger rec start/end with a foot controller

Something like this

Or this

Got ya ! I get what you mean but tbh I never used such a feature .
If we could understand the underliying mechanism that makes this work , we could surely reproduce it on some framework .
The ones I shared do not offer that AFAIK

I’m a drummer and this feature is in the original Roland TD7 drum modules from 20+ years ago. They removed it in favor of the gridded and measure based sequencer, which I never use.

I actually rebought an old TD7 just for this capability. There is no click although you can turn one on. It just records whatever you play and loops it.

So the way it worked was

  1. Press footswitch to Arm recording. It didn’t start recording until you started playing.
  2. Press footswitch again to start looping.
  3. Pressing footswitch then puts you in or out of overdub mode.

That’s it. So simple.

It’s up to you to get the end points right. But it is the ONLY way to go from playing a song with others into loop mode. Then it’s just on everyone to be able to hear the loop to stay with it.

And yes, I’d love to do this without the TD7.

Thanks for the info on the TD 7.
And yes it would be great to get this kind of feature with a raspberry.

Should be easy to write in PD. There’s no quantizing or anything. It just records and handles overdubs.