MIDI learn should be detected "at point of object"

I’d love if you changed the midi learn system to detect midi CC’s as they are routed, rather than globally/separately. This way I can play with the inputs a lot more. eg midi learn will only learn from CC messages that pass through a given pipe/channel.

Yep, This would would add a lot, particularly regarding scaling/inverting prior to the mapping. My ideal would be to have both (ie. Map Local and Map Global buttons) so that “standard” usage didn’t need need the incoming map events to be routed via the target pipe.

I get the idea and I agree, it would be awesome. Given that it is possible. I can also see that it however could be a cause for a quite big confusion. Especially if there are pipes that in your view (of how it is supposed to work) SHOULD let the CC# through but somehow doesn’t.

I would like to extend this idea so that it does learn CC# locally at the object. And at the same time that the editor keeps a log of all CC# learn attempts at the hardware ports. So that if something behaves erratically you would be able to pin point that it indeed occurs in the pipe and not at external hardware connected at the ports.

I like the idea.