Midi input 2 to channel 2 & 3

Well I was about to order a Sipario but looking at this it seems way simpler to use. That said, I’m curious since I downloaded the software and looking at the forums it seems there’s a couple of ways this might work.

I have a KeyStation 88 going into a PSR-970 and I’m thinking if I can split the KeyStation into 2 channels (2 & 3) I can then use both right1 & right2 from the KeyStation which then allows me to then set the whole PSR for Left chords.

So can I just use CH MAP in low/high 2 > out low 2/high 3 ?

I saw another post about channel remapping that mentions using 1 for each channel but also dispatcher seems to do a similar thing?

I have a pacemaker so it gets tiring trying to play chords on the KeyStation given it’s height so easier on the lower PSR but with only 61 keys, lol :disappointed: but I might also look into the chord with 1 finger thing too when it comes. :grin:

Hi, do you want the same notes to be sent to both Channels 2 and 3? If so, it should be done like this:

FROM MIDI A -> Channel Remap (2,2 -> 2,2) -> TO MIDI A
FROM MIDI A -> Channel Remap (2,2 -> 3,3) -> TO MIDI A

There’s many ways to do the same thing really, this is just one of them. :slight_smile:

If there’s more kinds of data coming in from the A input, some additional filters may be necessary.

Thanks for the reply,

I did see the filter stuff but the PSR let’s me do a lot of that too so I’ll keep it simple for now. So I guess there’s 1 line per erm… channel/job.

I’m not sure when it’ll arrive but with Christmas, I guess it’ll be a while so I’m waiting impatiently :disappointed: especially now we’re in lockdown for a month again.

Yeah… The lockdowns disrupt the logistics heavily… We’ll just have to be patient.

Yes, each row can be thought of as running in parallel, sending multiple copies of the same data towards the outputs on the right. Each row can modify the data differently to achieve different things.

Well, it finally arrived! checked UPS tracking, it still said tomorrow… and then it turned up today. Didn’t even register out for delivery!

So… I now have it sending from channel 1 to 2 & 3 which is cool.

However, I have a new problem… if I hold a key down, then press a 2nd, it doesn’t register. So chords don’t work and I have to make sure to fully life a note before pressing the next note.

A > A works fine
A > filter > dispatcher > A seems to block multiple notes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Am I missing something?

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Dispatcher is used to put each note in its own channel, for use cases like playing polyphonically multiple mono synths.

If you want it to duplicate data, you should do it like this instead:

A > Ch. Remap (1,1 -> 2,2) > A
A > Ch. Remap (1,1 -> 3,3) > A

Place filters just after the leftmost A pipes to drop unnecessary data, like clock, etc…, to avoid unexpected duplications somewhere down the line. Pass that data through in single pipeline only, maybe easiest to just dedicated one for this kind of general data.

Ah thanks, I’m an idiot! lol

Not sure why I was messing with dispatcher. I originally looked at ch mapper! :roll_eyes:

Now it’s working. I don’t have a 4th midi cable yet so can’t use it with the iPad yet but I guess next would be looking at simplifying chords so I’ll have to find an easy way to switch multiple presets next so I might look at setting up a PI for it.