Midi fx portamento glide slide slew-limiter

Hi !

I’m trying to reproduce the slide effect of a tb303 with a monophonic synth that doesn’t have any.
No glide option. The synth in question, a 3900 microvolt from Pittsburgh Modular (I love this synth but I also really like the glissendos) is sequenced by an Elektron digitakt.

I can using a cc LFO to mimic a glide, but it’s a pain to calculate and match note pitches and cc values. I thought maybe it would be easier if the midihub could do it for me. What do you think?

In a sort of monophonic mode, a note played while a first one is working would trigger the glide. The midihub could transform the values ​​of the two notes into cc or pitchwheel values ​​and would slide from first to second in an adjustable time. A MIDI slew limiter.

Otherwise I imagine it’s possible to make this option using several pipes including the LFO, transform, dispatch… But I’m not sure I can match the first and second note to properly trigger the portamento.

Best, Carmen.

I think might be able achieve this by sending midi into Rarewaves Hydronium. The hydronium can convert midi into cv/gate with slide.

Keep in mind that the acid 303 slide is glissando, not portamento. Most synths have portamento. I don’t think glissando is easily achievable with midi. Proobably easier with cv/gate.