MIDI File Player

Will the badass BLOKAS crew be making any more sketches for Midiboy?

A great use case that would be a simple MIDI file player.

With the OLED display and buttons, it makes more sense than using midihub or pisound even.

I’ve scoured the web for a piece of hardware that just plays a midi file from an sd card and have found no promising leads. There are really old ones with floppys and complicated UI, fragments of DIY projects, and specialty overpriced ones designed for organ players.

It could just be a list of midi files you can scroll and then the buttons are play and stop, shuffle. It could be more complicated with settings and what not, but because midiboy has 6 buttons a dead simple player may be possible.

The storage might be an issue - as Midiboy doesn’t have an SD card or other external storage, and the ATmega328P only has 32kB flash memory, which must store the bootloader, as well as the firmware code itself. Some songs may not even manage to fit in the memory available…

Old iPhone, example 3GS or similar…

Thanks for responses. I forgot about the lack of sd card.
I will probably go the old apple device route. There are some promising modular options, but I would like something with a big easy tactile surface.