MIDI controllers with LED buttons?

I want to post a patch to patchstorage which makes use of the LaunchControl XL’s ability to

  1. run in stand-alone (non-DAW) mode
  2. have buttons set to toggle
  3. send Note_on events back to it to change the colour/intensity of a button’s LED

It seems to me that there are other MIDI controllers that can do this to, and might be worth tagging:

  • LaunchPad?
  • etc

If you know of any, I’d be grateful if you would post them up/PM me!

PS. There may be some out there which respond to sysex but that’s of course not for Midihub…

EDIT: patch now uploaded - will update tags if anyone has info on other controllers


Midiplus Smart Pad. Basically a launch pad knock off but seems to be a popular controller because of how customizable it is.

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