MIDI controller to turn on/off effects

Hello All!

I am trying to turn on/off effects using an Akai MPK Mini. When I use the button pads, as soon as I stop pressing the button pads, the FX turns off. But if I use the knobs, they are fine. I assume this is because the knobs have a continuous CC message and do not have a MIDI note-off message like the keys.

I was thinking of building a footswitch with a Pi Pico and momentary switches. So is it just a simple case of recording the “state” of the button and sending MIDI CC messages accordingly and alternate on/off messages on each press?

Is this a normal way of going about things?

That seems to be the somewhat normal way to do things, but I think it’ll lead to inconsistent and unreliable buttons if you are loading snapshots or pedalboards. Some solutions hook into the MOD APIs to sync the controller with the pedalboard when things change, but as far as I am aware there isn’t a usable “dumb controller” solution right now;

I’ve recently opened this thread about the same issue: MODEP toggle bypass with one MIDI event - #14 by worik

I use MODEP in a very boring way. I have looper fx that I want to toggle, and just toggle on/off the fuzz pedals and maybe something else. My entire chain of FX is just very minimal and I don’t really like to have snapshots. With a different pedalboard, it should not be an issue, right?

Yup, fair enough, if everything starts up in the same state every time that should work.

Sounds like you just need to configure the buttons on your MPC to latch instead of being momentary. It’s usually an option in most midi controllers.