Midi CC value smoothing

Is it possible to smooth out rapid changes in midi cc values? I’m thinking something like a CV slew limiter but for midi cc. Would be handy to control the rate of change / depth of smoothing.


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Good idea, this could be done. I’ll note this down in our todo. :slight_smile:


I could also benefit from this feature! No experience with CV, but idea is if CC value is 127, and next value is 0, midihub would generate all values in between like a fast knob turn instead of an instant change.

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Any word on this request? slew limiter/ lag generator for midi cc’s. Is this possible yet?

I have been using my old emu sampler and it has this feature. i dont know why more things dont have this its really useful.

Can take a stepped midi cc automation pattern from say a digitakt and make the transitions smooth depending on the lag time. Great for filter cut off. Can really bring a sound to lide with simple automation…

+1 on this request. Smooting CCs would be really useful.

+1 for slew limiter pipe!

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+1 on this suggestion

It is not possible to do that. Midihub can not predict that after the value 0 it will appends 127. So it can not decide to smooth value until 127.
EDIT: It is 127 fist then 0 but it does chane my remark

A lag generator would detect that the input value has changed and in which direction and by what amount and then interpolate between the current value and the next input value at a speed determind by the lag or slew rate. The change is delayed anyway so no prediction is required.

My Emu sampler from the 90s does this.

Indead with lag, it is possible.

So two MIDI CC events will be 127 events at the output? Goodluck with your timing on a 5pin Midi connection. There might be a reason this is not common on Midi implementations.


You may not need 127 steps. You could limit the resolution or number of steps that are interpolated to make it efficient and still get the desired effect. Also the number of interpolated steps could be variable based on the the lag time.

CC change smoothing would be really really nice.