Midi CC ramp pipe

Is there a pipe that will create a midi cc ramp? Upon a trigger message it would output cc data from one value to another over a certain time.
In the Roland family it is called a “virtual pedal”.

Hey, not at the moment, we’ll add this to suggestions list. A pipe quite close to this would be LFO, it can be retriggered manually using MIDI messages, but it’s missing a ‘single shot’ mode. We’ll think about it whether a dedicated pipe or additional LFO parameter is a better solution.

Thank you for the suggestion! :slight_smile:


Please consider it. I have created a scene in MidiFire for iOS that works quite nicely. It would be even better if I had a hardware device do it, without an iPad.

Of course we’ll consider it for one of firmware updates. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts about this? It seems that if you can do a CC LFO, you could also implement a linear CC ramp from value x (0-127) to value y (0-127), over time z (ms). Your earlier suggestion of a one-shot mode for the CC LFO would also work quite well, if the waveform was a saw-up shape. It would have to remain at the final value, and not return to the start point, though.