Manually add CC mappings (please!)

I know this has been asked for before, but I thought that the more people who express a view the more chance it might get done if possible (it looks like it was under consideration back in 2020).

I’d like to be able to assign control mappings (e.g. to incoming CC or note messages) manually rather than relying on the auto detect - (e.g. on my Waldorf quantum the “detect midi” has an override where you can just type in the cc number) - this would be helpful when linking to hardware that is sending a lot of different messages (there are workarounds using filters, or disabling all the unwanted messages, then sending the one needed, then re-enabling) but a simple text entry option would be great!

many thanks


You’d want to keep the same level of specificity, right?

(Quantum (AFAIK) only listens for CCs on the one channel and doesn’t care about which port,
so the Midihub equivalent would have two more ‘fields’ to complete)

Yes - i just meant the Quantum as an example that has the option (auto detect alongside a manual fill in) -

Or, a (possibly slightly less useful, but easier to implement) alternative would be the system used by Cherry Audio VST synths - they have “midi learn” which doesn’t have manual option at the assigning stage, but which can be edited and revised afterwards (the port and channel is taken care of elsewhere though)



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