Looking to buy used MIDIHUB in US

Maybe you are changing your life and don’t need it?

I am looking to purchase 1 after the post lost mine.
Thank you.

How do you know its lost? Did USPS contact you?

Nobody has contacted me about it. I am just moving on now as it has been almost 3 months since it left Lithuania.

I’ve been checking the tracker every other day but I am done doing that.

It sounds like an awesome tool, exactly what I’ve been needing in my setup.

Maybe I will get lucky and buy 2, which I would have in the beginning but I literally couldn’t afford it.

It’s been nearly 2 months actually since your package left Lithuania, we’re seeing some packages shipped together with yours starting to get updates by USPS, so hopefully in the coming weeks it will get delivered, hopefully even sooner. But a couple of packages got delivered even with no tracking updates.

We are tracking every package we shipped, so in case it gets lost (this is still a very unlikely scenario, so far this year we haven’t had any confirmed lost packages), we’ll contact you to arrange a reshipment. :slight_smile:

Of course you may go ahead and get another Midihub, I just wanted to look into whether you had some news from USPS regarding the shipment. :slight_smile:

oh yeah. 2 months, not 3. It’s 37 degrees is my excuse. Thanks for staying in contact.

The tracking expired on my pre-order, whatever this means.

It’s just a label that 17track.net aggregation service adds, it has no real meaning for origin and destination postal services.

I would pay full price for a used MIDIHUB within the usa. Thanks.

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Good News!
It is moving…
Thank you for being patient with my impatience.


Covid, with the entire global passenger airline fleet grounded, is a HUGE bottleneck/showstopper for the postal services all around the world…

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Despite the setback from the global scamdemic, it has arrived on the west coast of usa.

I feel a sigh of relief from the weeds in the field, as they know they will remain unharmed, as I will be too busy with MIDI to do farming.

What a brilliant product. Thank you all for making it. Feel free to delete this whole thread.

100% :trophy: