Loading custom IRs with convo.LV2

Hi Folks,
Did anyone have any luck with convo.LV2 running with MODEP?
I compiled it and dropped it into /usr/modep directory. I also loaded it with jalv.gtk and created a preset with a custom IR. I can see in MODEP → LV2 Convolution Stereo → User presets the one I created, however this plugin doesn’t produce any sound. Anybody got it to work? or any luck with zeroconv?

Nope, you will need mod 1.10 in order to have file handling. I tried the lsp one that is in mod plug-in builder. Works ok, but it uses about 45 -75% cpu. Not very optimised at the moment. I have a thread on here about mod 1.10, but it’s not as easy as Modep. Gonna take some tweaking to get right. I am working on making it easier, but it’s got a bit to go still.

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I see, so in MODEP environment there is no way to hand files even they are already referenced inside presets, like in case of LSP?

Nope. Modep is mod 1.8 and file handling has only been implemented in mod 1.10. Lsp requires file handling to work. With 1.10 you also get an IR can sim which is well optimised and sounds so good!!

Great to know, thanks, I’m going to jump onto your script and test cabsim there. Remind me, it’s only mono 2.2 sec IRs?

I installed MOD 1.18 with the help of your script. Despite uncommenting cab simulators it got stuck in other place with paths. That was easy to fix. My initial directory was not /home/patch/mod.
Also installed LSP impulse convolver. It runs great actually. With a simple setup of a midiGen, Dexed, and LSP it takes 37% load constant. That was after I adjusted a buffer to 256. Before I did it, it had interrupts at 128. My sound card is PCM5102 via I2S. I consider this to be usable.

Nicely done! Running at 256 frames will give better performance, but at the cost of latency. It’s not much though, usually a few ms.

Thank you for your script!!! Please, keep it up.
For me 256 frames buffer is totally fine. The use case is the external convolution reverb with wet signal only, which is used in combination with a pre-delay anyway.

Sure thing, I will be trying to keep it up to date with upcoming updates too. Busy working on 1.11 at the moment, almost got it working. It will be a branch called 1.11 on my GitHub