LFO pipe improvements & an S+H pipe

First for the LFO:

  • A way to set a center CC rather than having it just be 64. I know I can follow it with a rescale, but if I want to purposefully clip out the LFO’s depth asymmetrically I don’t think the rescale can help.
  • A way to maybe put a logarithmic or exponential curve to sawtooth/triangle waves

Second- the random pipe is nice, but I’d love to be able to sample a CC periodically. Then you could do stepped waves

You could clip it out asymmetrically using a Limiter pipe.

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That makes sense, but let’s say I want to clip out a sine wave at 127 but then still have it bottom out at 0. For example, a sine wave where the center frequency Y = 96 and the depth is 96. Is there a way to do that?

Yes, but you’d first have to ‘seed’ it - the CC LFO in active modulation mode bases its wave on the last CC value of the same number it has seen, so you’d have to use some way of providing it with say CC#3, value 96, to get 96 as the center of the wave.

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