Laser cutting files for acrylic face plates/shields

If you want some simple protection for your pisound/pi - ie you don’t want a whole acrylic case or 3d printed enclosure - this will save you a little measuring and drawing…


This is great! Really like the raw sanded finish.

And what about the button cap? You could cut three circles, two smaller ones and one wider from the same sheet of acrylic and glue them together. The super moment should do the trick. :slight_smile:

By the way, what kind of measurement units did you use to save the *.svg file? I can’t seem to get the right scale. :blush:

I wasn’t planning on making a button - trying to keep it dead simple. The hole is just right for a finger to fit right now, but I think your plan work - or a 3d printed button maybe.

The units are mm. I used a drawing of the raspberry pi standoff holes and it was in mm.

Good luck!

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